Building from sources

mvn clean package -DskipTests=true

will do the trick as usual. You’ll find the distribution in distribution/target/distribution.

Required libraries

While all Java dependencies are packaged, in order to implement SSL with ALPN Netty (or its tcnative-boringssl component) requires openssl and apr libraries installed. If you are running Fedora 30 or later you need libxcrypt-compat, too.

Choosing a deployment

The simplest way to run Hyperfoil is directly from the CLI using start-local command, but that’s rather a development option. In practice you’ll run the Controller as a dedicated process; either directly on machine used as load-driver or in a cloud environment such as Kubernetes or Openshift.

In the first case, you can either start the controller manually or orchestrate it using provided Ansible Galaxy scripts.

For Openshift we recommend deployment through an operator while it’s possible to deploy it manually. In cloud environment we don’t offer any ‘standalone’ (agent-less) mode, though technically you can run that when deploying manually.


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