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Agents section forms either a list or map with arbitrary agent names and either an inline or properties-style definition:

  someAgent: "inline definition"
    foo: bar

The definition is passed to an instance of i.h.api.deployment.Deployer which will interpret the definition. Deployer implementation is registred using the java.util.ServiceLoader and selected through the io.hyperfoil.deployer system property. The default implementation is ssh.

Common properties

Property Default Description
threads from benchmark Number of threads used by the agent (overrides threads in benchmark root).
extras   Custom options passed to the JVM (system properties, JVM options…)

SSH Deployer

The user account running Hyperfoil Controller must have a public-key authorization set up on agents’ hosts using key $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa. It also has to be able to copy files into the dir directory using SCP - all the required JARs will be copied there and you will find the logs there as well.

ssh deployer accepts either the [user@]host[:port] inline syntax or these properties:

Property Default Description
user Current username  
host   This property is mandatory.
port 22  
sshKey id_rsa Optionally define a different named key in the $HOME/.ssh directory
dir Directory set by system property io.hyperfoil.rootdir or /tmp/hyperfoil Working directory for the agent. This directory can be shared by multiple agents running on the same physical machine.
cpu (all cpus) If set the CPUs where the agent can run is limited using taskset -c <cpu>. Example: 0-2,6

See an example of ssh deployment configuration:

  agent1: testserver1:22
  agent2: testuser@testserver2
    host: testserver3
    port: 22
    dir: /some/other/path

Kubernetes/Openshift deployer

To activate the kubernetes deployer you should set -Dio.hyperfoil.deployer=k8s; the recommended installation does that automatically.

The agents are configured the same way as with SSH deployment, only the properties differ. Full reference is provided below.


    node: my-worker-node
Property Default Description
node   Configures the labels for the nodeSelector. If the value does not contain equals sign (=) or comma (,) this sets the desired value of label kubernetes.io/hostname. You can also set multiple custom labels separated by commas, e.g. foo=bar,kubernetes.io/os=linux.
stop true By default the controller stops all agents immediatelly after the run terminates. In case of errors this is not too convenient as you might want to perform further analysis. To prevent automatic agent shutdown set this to false.
log   Name of config map (e.g. my-config-map) or config map and its entry (e.g. my-config-map/log4j2.xml) that contains the Log4j2 configuration file. Default entry from the config map is log4j2.xml. Hyperfoil will mount this configmap as a volume to this agent.
image quay.io/hyperfoil/hyperfoil:controller-version Different version of Hyperfoil in the agents
imagePullPolicy Always Image pull policy for agents
fetchLogs true Automatically watch agents’ logs and store them in the run directory.

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