Stores defragmented data in a queue.
For each item in the queue a new sequence instance will be started (subject the concurrency constraints) with sequence index that allows it to read an object from an array using sequence-scoped access.

Property Type Description
concurrency int Maximum number of started sequences that can be running at one moment.
format enum Conversion format from byte buffers. Default format is STRING.
  • BYTEBUF: Store the buffer directly. Beware that this may cause memory leaks!
  • BYTES: Store data as byte array.
  • STRING: Interprets the bytes as UTF-8 string.
maxSize int Maximum number of elements that can be stored in the queue.
onCompletion Action.Builder Custom action that should be performed when the last consuming sequence reports that it has processed the last element from the queue. Note that the sequence is NOT automatically augmented to report completion.
sequence String Name of the started sequence.
var String Variable storing the array that it used as a output object from the queue.

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