Getting started: Steps and statistics

In previous quickstart you created a benchmark that fires only one HTTP request. Our next example random-urls.hf.yaml is going to hit random URLs at this server with 10 requests per second. We’ll see how to generate random data and collect statistics for different URLs.

Let’s start a container that will serve the requests:

podman run --rm -p 8080:8083 quay.io/hyperfoil/hyperfoil-examples

If you prefer running this in Docker just replace podman with docker. You can explore the handling of requests from this example on GitHub.

Here is the benchmark we’re going to run:

So let’s run this through CLI:

[hyperfoil]$ start-local
[hyperfoil@in-vm]$ upload examples/random-urls.hf.yaml
[hyperfoil@in-vm]$ run
Started run 0002
Run 0002, benchmark random-urls
Agents: in-vm[STARTING]
Started: 2019/11/15 17:49:45.859    Terminated: 2019/11/15 17:49:50.904
main  TERMINATED  17:49:45.859             17:49:50.903  5044 ms (exceeded by 44 ms)  10.00 users per second
[hyperfoil@in-vm]$ stats
Total stats from run 0002
PHASE  METRIC  REQUESTS  MEAN       p50        p90        p99        p99.9      p99.99     2xx  3xx  4xx  5xx  CACHE  TIMEOUTS  ERRORS  BLOCKED
main   images        34    3.25 ms    3.39 ms    4.39 ms   12.58 ms   12.58 ms   12.58 ms   12   13   12    0      0         0       0    1.11 ms
main   pages         13    2.89 ms    3.19 ms    4.15 ms    4.33 ms    4.33 ms    4.33 ms   13    0    0    0      0         0       0       0 ns

main/images: Progress was blocked waiting for a free connection. Hint: increase http.sharedConnections.

There are several things worth mentioning in this example:

In the next quickstart you’ll see a more complex scenario


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