Parses HTML tags and invokes handlers based on criteria.

Property Type Description
onEmbeddedResource Builder Handler firing upon reference to other resource, e.g. image, stylesheet…
onTagAttribute Builder <no description>


Handles <img src="...">, <link href="...">, <embed src="...">, <frame src="...">, <iframe src="...">, <object data="..."> and <script src="...">.

Does not handle <source src="..."> or <track src="..."> because browser would choose only one of the options.

Property Type Description
fetchResource Builder Automatically download referenced resource.
ignoreExternal boolean Ignore resources hosted on servers that are not covered in the http section.
processor Processor.Builder Add one or more processors.
processor (alternative) Processor.Builder Custom processor invoked pointing to attribute data - e.g. in case of <img> tag the processor gets contents of the src attribute.


Automates download of embedded resources.

Property Type Description
concurrency int Maximum number of resources fetched concurrently. Default is 8.
maxResources int Maximum number of resources that can be fetched.
metric <list of strings> Metrics selector for downloaded resources.
onCompletion Action.Builder Action performed when the download of all resources completes.


Metrics selector for downloaded resources.

Property Type Description
<list of strings> <list of strings> Allows categorizing request statistics into metrics based on the request path. The expressions are evaluated in the order as provided in the list. Use one of:
  • regexp -> replacement, e.g. ([^?]*)(\?.*)? -> $1 to drop the query part.
  • regexp (don't do any replaces and use the full path), e.g. .*.jpg
  • -> name (metric applied if none of the previous expressions match).


Property Type Description
attribute String Name of the attribute in this element you want to process, e.g. action
format enum Conversion to apply on the matching parts with ‘toVar’ or ‘toArray’ shortcuts.
  • BYTEBUF: Store the buffer directly. Beware that this may cause memory leaks!
  • BYTES: Store data as byte array.
  • STRING: Interprets the bytes as UTF-8 string.
processor Processor.Builder Add one or more processors.
tag String Name of the tag this handler should look for, e.g. form
toArray String Shortcut to store selected parts in an array in the session. Must follow the pattern variable[maxSize]
toVar String Shortcut to store first match in given variable. Further matches are ignored.

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