Getting started: Complex workflow

The previous example was the first ‘real’ benchmark, but it didn’t do anything different from what you could run through wrk, ab, siege or similar tools.

Of course, the results were not suffering from the coordinated omission problem, but Hyperfoil can do more. Let’s try a more complex scenario, choose-movie.hf.yaml:

Start the server and fire the scenario the usual way:

> docker run -v $(pwd)/examples/choose-movie.server:/config:z -p 8080:8083 jordimartin/mmock
> bin/cli.sh

[hyperfoil]$ start-local
[hyperfoil@in-vm]$ upload examples/choose-movie.hf.yaml
[hyperfoil@in-vm]$ run

Is this scenario too simplistic? Let's [define phases](https://hyperfoil.io/quickstart/quickstart4.html)...

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