Repeats a set of steps fixed number of times.

This step is supposed to be inserted as the first step of a sequence and the counterVar should not be set during the first invocation.

Before the loop the counterVar is initialized to zero, and in each after the last step in the steps sequence the counter is incremented. If the result is lesser than repeats this sequence is restarted from the beginning (this is also why the step must be the first step in the sequence).

It is legal to place steps after the looped steps.


- mySequence:
  - loop:
      counterVar: myCounter
      repeats: 5
      - httpRequest:
          GET: /foo/${myCounter}
          # ...
      - someOtherStep: ...
  - anotherStepExecutedAfterThoseFiveLoops
Property Type Description
counterVar String Variable holding number of iterations.
repeats int Number of iterations that should be executed.
steps Builder List of steps that should be looped.

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