Beginner's Guide to Hyperfoil: part 3

In this article we'll show how to run Hyperfoil inside an Openshift cluster, benchmarking workload within the same cluster. Read more

Beginner's Guide to Hyperfoil: part 2

In this post we will focus on processing of responses and user workflow through the site. Read more

Beginner's Guide to Hyperfoil: part 1

Meet Hyperfoil, a swiss-army knife of web benchmark driver. You'll learn how to write a simple benchmark and run it straight from the CLI. Read more

Compensation for coordinated omission

Results for closed-model tests show maximum throughput your SUT can achieve; the response times are skewed though due to the coordinated omission. There are still cases where you’d like to run in this mode and check the size of the error you’re accumulating. Read more

Automatic follow of redirects

Hyperfoil is trying to imitate how users will hit your site with requests as realistically as possible. Therefore it supports one of the browser features: redirections. Read more

Fetch embedded resources

When browsing a website it’s not only the main page the webserver needs to serve - usually there are static resources such as images, stylesheets, scripts and more. Hyperfoil can automatically download these. Read more

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