Microservice-oriented distributed benchmark framework.


Drive the load from
many nodes.


All operations are async to avoid the
coordinated-omission fallacy.


You can express complex scenarios
either in YAML or through pluggable


Internally we try to allocate as little as
possible on the critical code paths to
not let garbage-collector disturb the


Beginner’s Guide to
Hyperfoil: part 3

In this article we’ll show how to run Hyperfoil
inside an Openshift cluster, benchmarking workload
within the same cluster.

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Beginner’s Guide to
Hyperfoil: part 2

In this post we will focus on processing of responses
and user workflow through the site.

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Beginner’s Guide to
Hyperfoil: part 1

Meet Hyperfoil, a swiss-army knife of web benchmark
driver. You’ll learn how to write a simple benchmark
and run it straight from the CLI.

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